Invivox hosts medical training contents and offers worldwide visibility


Invivox offers 3 solutions:

For healthcare professionals (HCPs): Invivox facilitates knowledge sharing between HCPs. On-line, on-site, on-demand: all contents are available and comparable.
Invivox allows healthcare manufacturers to centralize their content offering and distribute it to targeted communities of HCPs.
Thanks to its "Content Factory", Invivox transforms existing content into interactive content adapted to the needs of PoS

Invivox also offers the data management of all training registrants, in compliance with the GDPR.

More than 350,000 HCPs are officially registered on Invivox.


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Featured products

Invivox website for Health Profesionals


The Invivox platform allows Healthcare Professionals to search for training content (On-Line/On-site or on-demand), compare content, and subscribe to content

Invivox for Business

Invivox proposes a SAAS software that allows healthcare manufacturers and training organizers to manage their training offers, and a live monitoring of the registrants for the various content offered.

The data …

Invivox Content Factory

The pedagogical engineers of the content creation department help you:

to transform static content (powerpoint, visual aid, clinical study, film, webinar)

into interactive, chaptered, gamified content to…