Solutions dedicated to the balance of the thyroid


Laboratoire PAPILLON was founded in 2019 by Luc Cockenpot, an industrial pharmacist, and his wife, who suffers from Hashimoto's thyroiditis. Its creation started from the observation that there are very few specific natural solutions dedicated to the discomforts linked to thyroid imbalances.

Laboratoire Papillon has made it its mission to help relieve people with thyroid imbalances by helping them regain their full potential, thanks to a range of food supplements made in France and specifically designed by specialists.


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Featured products

Natural balance of the thyroid


NATHYROÏD is the first product from Laboratoire Papillon. It is a food supplement based on plants, vitamins, minerals and L-tyrosine.

Its active ingredients promote the natural balance of the thyroid, thanks t…


NATHYREL Weight management

Dietary supplement based on plants, vitamins, caffeine and carnitine specially formulated to contribute to weight loss* and the maintenance of thyroid function**.

* Chili extract contributes to weight control, …

NATHYREL Hair strenght

Food supplement based on plants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and brewer’s yeast specially formulated to help reduce hair loss* and strengthen hair and nails**.

* Anagain® Pea extract (patented) contr…

NATHYREL Stress management

Food supplement based on plants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids. Its active ingredients help relieve stress and anxiety* and reduce fatigue**.

* Passiflora extract helps induce relaxation and relieve stress an…



Innovative sleep pack: `Two combined solutions to be used in synergy to regain quality sleep** and balanced sleep hygiene.

Ø A food supplement of French quality:

SOMMEILLEUR®: Carefully dosed with mela…