Marianne Lahana

Health consultancy and dissemination of information on health innovation


Helping healthcare professionals and manufacturers deal with issues of medical liability, relations with regulatory bodies, the use of their innovative devices/artificial intelligence and the supervision of benefits.

Hosting a programme on innovation in healthcare, in the form of a 20-minute cross-view between several players in the ecosystem, in France and abroad.


120 boulevard Jean Jaurès - 92110 Clichy

+33 7 89 02 01 51

[email protected]

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Health advice

Health advice

Whether you are a public or private healthcare establishment, a pharmaceutical laboratory or a self-employed healthcare professional, you need to be aware, from the outset of setting up your project, of the regulatory…

Programme on innovation in healthcare

MED.Innov' & Centaure Santé

The MED.INNOV’ Podcast and the Centaure Santé programme were born out of the OPEN YOUR LAW Podcast, created in 2020 with the aim of understanding the impact of the emergence of start-ups, legal tech and law fir…