Medical Escorts and Assistance Services


Med Evasan is a medical assistance company established in 1984 in France. Med Evasan is the oldest and biggest independent assistance and repatriation service company in France

We support travelers with medical needs in France and Middle East and on top of it, we transport patients to return home or to return to the nearest location where they can receive adequate medical care.

Med Evasan delivers daily medical services and medical transportation on behalf of the largest assistance companies, with the aim of ensuring ultimate duty of care towards vulnerable people who needs care and to return home to their families and loved ones.


637 rue des Mazargues, 13009, Marseille, France

+33 4 91 32 19 32

[email protected]

Featured products

Out-Patients & Consultations In all of France

Telemedecine - Teleconsultation

Performed by a doctor registered in France. The patient is accompanied for the programming, during and post- consultation (for logistical support) by our trilingual helpdesk.
The French ministry of health has se…

Telemedecine - Travel for treatment

We have developed a hospital network in France and Dubai which helps us to plan, organize the medical concierge service, help select suitable hospitals and transfer medical information to the host establishment.

Medical Services - General Medical Services

GOP: We can arrange a Guarantee of Payment for inpatient and outpatient when a cashless service is requested.

Help Desk: We have a trilingual staff available 24/7 that comes in handy for any sort of communicati…

Transports and medical transport

Medical Transports - Ground Transport

Ground Ambulance: Over the years we have developed an extensive network of reliable land ambulance suppliers. The volume of our activity and our presence in France place us in a comfortable position to select and coor…

Medical Transport - Air Ambulance

Outside Marseille: We have extensive experience performing air ambulance missions in the region. Our location around the Mediterranean Sea puts us on the front line for any evacuation when the patient is in North Afri…

Medical escorts - Complex remote extraction - evacuation

Remote locations: Moving a patient from a remote or unstable location in the Middle East can be very difficult. Our expertise in cooperation with our dedicated teams/partners will support your travellers/employees for…

Medical services In-Patients

Medical services In-Patients - Hospitalization

Admission: On a case-by-case basis, we can help arrange admission, with our regional hospital footprint. We can select the appropriate hospital for the appropriate specialty.

Medical Monitoring : For the patien…

Medical Services and Cost containment

Our presence on the ground and experts in the local healthcare system, we play the role of mediator to ensure the medical cost is customary and contained.

As a proactive approach, cost containment helps ke…