Effective and Affordable AI


Thanks to Deep Learning since 2018, Milvue implements medical imaging Artificial Intelligence solutions for healthcare professionals. Milvue’s mission is to optimize patient management workflows in emergency and imaging services.

More than just predictive and collaborative tools, Milvue's CE certified solutions are created by and for imaging professionals with the ultimate goal of improving patient care.


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Featured products

Traumatic and thoracic bone pathologies


SmartUrgences® is the solution dedicated to priorization for emergency and day-to-day radiography, covering bone and pulmonary pathologies detection for adults and pediatrics. SmartUrgences®, a class IIa CE marked m…

Automatic quantification of MSK measurements


Patented since 2020, SmartXpert® is an unparalleled solution that automates more than 30 X-ray angles and measurements within a 1 min turnaround time. SmartXpert® offers productivity gains and standardization of you…