Helping people who have lost the use of their limbs gain independence through innovation


Myotact aims to restore mobility and improve the rehabilitation of people who have lost the use of their limbs.

Our main obsession is to enable these disabled people to regain their autonomy from the outset in their rehabilitation, thus facilitating a comeback to a normal life.

It is therefore to enable easier, faster and more effective rehabilitation of amputees and hemiplegic patients that we have developed, thanks to our team of researchers and engineers, the Myotact bracelet, which allows the acquisition of muscle activity coupled with vibro-tactile and visual biofeedback reproducing virtual movements on an application.

We thus propose a unique protocol to stimulate the activity of amputated or paralysed limbs in complete autonomy for the patient.

The device limits the need for rehabilitation centers, medication and surgery, but above all, it makes it possible for people with disabilities to become autonomous.


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The device consists of a wireless wristband, which can be placed directly on the stump or on all or part of an upper/lower limb, connected to a digital interface (PC, tablet, smartphone). The wristband has electrodes …