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NatéoSanté is a French designer and manufacturer, specialist in indoor air quality since 2009. Our professional air purification solutions are efficient to prevent the risk of airborne infection transmission and cross-contamination in hospitals, clinics and medical practices. Our range of products are made in France and eco-designed to guarantee lasting quality and performance against micro-organisms (viruses, bacteria, fungi), particles and chemical compounds.

Compact and “plug & play”, they can quickly be installed in any locations : ICUs, neonatology, transplantation services, examination rooms… Our air purifiers can therefore be placed near the patients to prevent nosocomial airborne infections and also to protect the staff from infectious diseases. NatéoSanté has already equipped healthcare establishments in more than 50 countries.


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Featured products


EOLIS Air Manager

Compact, portable air handling units that can be placed close to patients to prevent airborne nosocomial infections