Pole Star

Making indoor location service affordable for every single operational need


Pole Star is a company specializing in Indoor Positioning Systems, also known as Real Time Location Systems (RTLS). For more than 15 years, the company has been providing location solutions for healthcare facilities, hospitals, clinics and age care facility, regardless of the size of the campus or the number of buildings.

Indoor Positioning is increasingly used in the healthcare sector to improve operational efficiency and quality of care:

Hospital Asset Management

Patient tracking

Optimize bed management

Patient Safety

Patient wayfinding

Caregiver safety


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Featured products


NAO Track

NAO Track is used to track assets and patient instantly in any environment. Our advanced RTLS solution, NAO TRACK, helps healthcare facilities improve efficiency and safety, while optimizing their investments.

NAO SDK (mobile)

We have designed our SDK to make indoor location fast and easy to set up. The NAO SDK (Software Development Kit) is simple to integrate into your mobile app and offers a full set of services specially designed for pat…


What is the point of having very accurate and reliable Indoor Location data if mapping inside buildings is poor?

This why at Pole Star we deliver a fully integrated, seamless indoor mapping and indoor positioni…