Innovative solutions for the logistics of health products


Specialized in supply-chain, Promedeo offers innovative solutions that generate organizational and economic gains in the management of health products for operating theaters and hospital pharmacies.

Our products based on RFID technology (Smart Cabinets, mobile reader, automated Kanban system, etc.) improve the stock management of Medical Devices (MD) in operating theaters and to refocus the nursing staff on their job.

We also offer a web-application for vaccine campaigns managed centrally, to manage dose allocations and stocks at the different levels of the distribution network.


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Featured products

Medical Equipment

Smart cabinet

Smart Cabinet enables security and real-time visibility of stocks of Implantable Medical Devices and high-value Sterile Medical Devices in operating theatres.

RFID mobile reader

This mobile reader allows rapid inventories thanks to its reading capacity: more than 1000 tags/s and reading distance up to 6 meters.


Device with an RFID reader and a camera associated with character recognition software. This permits to quickly register all the products for an operation, in connection with the patient file.


Web-app for vaccination campaigns

Our web-application manages vaccine logistics for centrally managed vaccine campaigns.