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Founded in 2018, Rofim is a tele-medicine platform that connects healthcare professionals, streamlining exchanges to facilitate diagnosis and improve patient care.

Rofim was created by vascular surgeon Dr David Bensoussan and Emilie Mercadal in response to the challenges of disparities in medical density, medical deserts and the lack of communication and coordination tools between healthcare professionals. They very quickly set up a scientific committee of 34 doctors to meet the needs of all medical specialities as closely as possible.

Since June 2023, Rofim has been a company with a mission to "improve health for all through innovative solutions in partnership with healthcare professionals".

Today, Rofim is used by nearly 1,000 establishments and more than 30,000 doctors. The milestone of 250,000 annual procedures was passed in 2023.


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Featured products

Collaborative telemedecine platform


The tele-expertise module allows the entire community of doctors to exchange information on concrete patient cases as well as on rarer symptoms or pathologies:

Ultrasound tele-expertise


Intended for autonomous patients and residents in health care institutions or hospitalised at home, the teleconsultation model enables patients to be reunited with their families while taking into account all medical …

Imaging and medical documents

Rofim is compatible with all software used in health organisations. This interoperability makes it possible to control data flows, without double entry, to avoid sources of error.

In order to unify data, Rofim …

Multidisciplinary coordination and communication tool

eMDM (Multidisciplinary meeting )

Rofim promises to make meetings (MDM, medical meetings…) safe and smooth. The integration of a video conference with document sharing will allow you to organise your exchanges in the best possible way:


Access to internal messaging
Directory of all health professionals
Ability to trigger a group chat
Accessible on web and mobile app
Ability to attach documents