SIMEDYS organises highly realistic surgical training courses and R&D in the validation of medical devices thanks to SIMLIFE.


The Simedys Company was created in 2017 to add value to university research work. The company distributes Simlife technology, which provides a surgical learning model with a very high degree of realism. The aim is to immerse surgical learning teams in a realistic environment so that they comply with the directive: ‘Never the first time on the patient’. The blood avatar and Live & Debrief optimise surgical training.

SimLife technology has been recognised by the Académie Nationale de Chirurgie, the Académie National de Médecine and the Société Française de Simulation en Santé.

SimLife technology can now be used to train teams in all areas of surgery, including new technologies such as surgical robotics and surgical imaging.


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Featured products

Surgical training


SIMLIFE simulates life (revascularisation and reventilation) on a body donated to science to train surgical teams or validate medical devices.

Live & Debrief

Live & Debrief software enables you to digitise your simulation training scenarios (assessment, video recording, debriefing) and optimise training time.


Consulting in surgical training

Simedys can help you with your surgical training project (optimised programme, logistics, realism, teachers, learner satisfaction, etc.) to ensure a successful event.

Medical Device Consulting

Simedys supports you in your R&D to validate your medical devices in real-life conditions and implements your test protocol.


Blood avatar

The blood avatar makes it possible to obtain a liquid with the same viscosity and colour as arterial blood, and in large quantities.