Deep Learning Comprehensive CCTA Analysis


Spimed-AI develops an artificial intelligence software, named CorEx, which automatically detects and classifies coronary lesions from CCTA. It also allows the determination of the coronary flow reserve (FFR), in case of stenosis, and the recommendation of appropriate treatments. Thanks to our software, which will be commercialized in 2021, coronary diseases will be detected more quickly and with a better reliability rate by health professionals, which would reduce heart attacks and deaths.


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The software automatically classifies stenoses according to the international CAD-RADS classification. With CorEx, you can see in seconds which artery is damaged and the severity of the obstruction.


An FFR < 0.8 or 0.75 indicates treatment of the lesion by stenting or bypass surgery. The FFR-AI module developed by CorEx, based on measurements performed in the catheterization room, reliably predicts whether the…