huasne creates and distributes compression and orthopaedic medical devices that enable people to take care of their own health.


Thuasne creates and distributes medical devices and global, innovative solutions enabling all patients and consumers to become active players in their own health. Founded in 1847, Thuasne is the result of the shared history of six generations of entrepreneurs. The Group seeks to offer simple, tailored concrete health solutions serving the mobility of today’s patients, who, according to Thuasne’s vision, have become “actients” or active players in their own treatment and health.

Thuasne’s expertise primarily covers the fields of orthopaedics (backache, musculoskeletal problems), medical compression (lymphology, chronic venous disorders) and homecare. Thuasne also proposes a specific range of sports products aimed at preventing injury and aiding the resumption of sports activities.


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Featured products

Advanced Orthopaedics range


Using a proprietary blend of composite materials, the AFO SpryStep® comes in a variety of solutions that are improving mobility and quality of life for patients.

Action Reliever

Adjustable 3-point relief soft knee brace for the treatment of knee osteoarthritis.


Offloading single-upright knee brace for the treatment of femorotibial arthrosis.

Lymphology range

MOBIDERM autofit

MOBIDERM autofit for the treatment of lymphedema, mobilising garments featuring MOBIDERM edema management technology.

MOBIDERM Intimate Short

MOBIDERM Intimate Short, compression and mobilisation shorts for the treatment of pelvic and genital edema for men and women.

MOBIDERM Intimate Bra

MOBIDERM Intimate Bra, compressive & mobilising bra for breast and chestwall edema following breast cancer surgery.

Phlebology range

VENOFLEX Kokoon Absolu

VENOFLEX Kokoon Absolu, opaque, soft & durable medical compression socks, stockings and tights for women (ASQUAL standards).


VENOFLEX FAST, breathable and soft medical compression socks for men and women (ASQUAL standards).


VENOFLEX Micro, comfortable compression socks, stockings and tights for women and socks for men (RAL standards).