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Ziwig is committed to disruptive innovation for the benefit of all. We are committed in fields that transform patients’ lives: women’s health, cancer, neurology, mental health. We develop salivary tests using a combination of expertise and technologies in molecular biology and artificial intelligence.

In close contact with patients and end-users: we maintain a direct link with patients, researchers and professionals through our digital platform.

In the highest scientific, technical and ethical requirements: breakthrough innovations based on health data processing require the utmost scientific rigor and validation of all our solutions by real-life clinical trials published in independent peer-reviewed scientific journals.


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Featured products

Endometriosis' non-invasive diagnostic salivary test

Ziwig Endotest®

Ziwig Endotest® is an in vitro diagnostic device for use by healthcare professionals only for the diagnosis of endometriosis from a saliva sample.

Ziwig Endotest® is an innovative, non invasive, diagnostic to…