The French Healthcare association promotes the excellence of French companies in the service of diabetic patients

As a result of the work of the Chronic Diseases Group of French Healthcare and as part of the international project of the Strategic Committee of the Health Industries and Technologies Sector (CSF-ITS), a document presenting French companies involved in the management of diabetes (from research, prevention, screening… to home monitoring) has just been published !

Entitled “Excellence of French companies in the service of diabetic patients”, it highlights the excellence of French health actors and companies in the service of the health journey of diabetic patients. They develop products and services to help patients and healthcare professionals along the entire healthcare journey (from prevention to patient treatment and management of diabetes-related complications). These actors are involved and present for all types of diabetics and at each stage of the disease’s progression.

Such a document is intended to be widely distributed abroad, at conferences, embassies, health clubs, chambers of commerce abroad, etc. in order to promote this French diabetes sector and to promote and connect French actors and their international partners.

We hope that it will make it possible to engage in constructive and fruitful dialogues, at the service of all“, explains Jean-François Gendron, President of the French Healthcare association.

The association has chosen China, where diabetes affects about 115 million people, as the first country to present this French offer. Servier, Sanofi, Urgo, Air Liquide International, AXA and Evolucare have joined forces to organize under the aegis of French Healthcare, in conjunction with the French Embassy in China, the Chinese Control Disesase Center, the French Diabetes Society, the Chinese Diabetes Society, the China Health Club and Business France China, a Franco-Chinese seminar on diabetes on Saturday 29 June in Beijing.

The federator of the “Health” export priority family, Jean-Patrick Lajonchère, went to Beijing on this occasion to participate in the seminar and officially present the French Healthcare document.

Document and conference : a significant double outcome for the work carried out over the past year in this working group of the association !


Available documents :

– “Excellence of French companies in the service of diabetic patients”: June 2019 version:

– Official press release of the seminar on 29 June :