A period like no other, French Healthcare Association at your side!

This “back-to-school” period provides an opportuniy for stocktaking and mentionning a few perspectives.

Over the past few months, the Association has been active in highlighting the mobilizable French actors in the management of the pandemic, in close connection with the economic diplomacy of the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs:

  • List of mobilizable companies : clic here, this list has enabled several export orders.
  • « Africa » list : handed to the concerned countries’ ambassies via liste « Afrique » via the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs,
  • Special newsletter « digital health » : clic here
  • Short videos produced by Buisness France  : clic here

French Healthcare Association has also worked on new propositions regarding « the Made in France rebound on the international healthcare field », in order to contribute to the reflexion leading to the recovery plan in our country : clic here

Regarding the upcoming deadlines, several achievements are in the final stages and will be revealed in the following weeks , such as : new websites and quality label benefiting to healthcare centers association members, new promotion tools for industrial members and new projets led in the workgroups. And even if most events and congresses planed in the autumn are cancelled this year, voices of the French actors will carry on being heard through webconfrences and targeted meetings between asking countries and the French know-how.

A new website in English is also being prepared with Business France, aiming to promote abroad the French ecosystem.

In order to achieve all these actions, Frenchhealthcare Association is happy to announce the onboarding of Elisabeth Arnaud, project officer ([email protected]), who will reinforce our general delegate Catherine Holué ([email protected]) and the entire board of directors.


I wish you all a good “back to school” despite all the challenges we are facing !