Perspectives in Digital Healthcare in South Korea

South Korea offers growing opportunities for digital health actors.

If you would like to know more about the opportunities that will appear in this area in the near future, the KHIDI, Korea Health Industry Development Institute offers a very comprehensive information webinar, hosted by industry specialists.

April 22nd, 2021 – 9 AM (Paris time)

Mrs Yeong Yi YIM from the KHIDI will talk about the flollowing topics :

1. Introduction of KHIDI (Korea Health Industry Development Institute)

2. Introduction to Digital Healthcare

3. The direction of Digital Healthcare Policy

4. The status of digital healthcare companies in Korea

5. Major digital healthcare projects

6. Digital Healthcare Policy and Digital New Deal in Korea (after the announcement of Digital New Deal Project in July 2020)

7. Project of Smart Hospital Leading Model in Korea (one of the digital new deal projects in the healthcare sector in December 2020)

8. Q&A or panel discussion sessions

This webinar is free and opened to all


Please send questions for Q&A and RSVP before April 16th 2021 at [email protected]