Our Medical Imaging Working Group projects its activities at the international level

France is a showcase for medical imaging thanks to its start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises and large groups, which represent a world reference in terms of imaging with real technical, technological and application expertise.

This ecosystem, rich in technologies and know-how, is gathered around the French Healthcare Association’s Medical Imaging Working Group. Their goal is to collectively promote this expertise internationally, under the guidance of Claire Durant, General Secretary of Guerbet and Samuel Sancerni, Managing Director of DMS Imaging.

The nearly 30 imaging players active in the Medical Imaging Working Group are actively collaborating in to promote and implement their expertise both on an international and on a national level.

Who are the main actors in medical imaging in France?

First of all, the group has the honor of having SFR, the French Society of Radiology, among its members. The objective of the SFR is to develop expertise in all matters relating to imaging and to ensure the diffusion on its website during the Francophone Days of Radiology, or through written or electronic publications.

Small and medium-sized enterprises that develop and manufacture imaging solutions

AdEchoTech – First company to market a robotic tele-echography solution to complement its existing tele-radiology offer.

DMS Imaging – French manufacturer of high-end radiology and bone densitometry solutions, globally recognized with a strong national and international footprint. Dms Imaging manufactures for Carestream, Canon and FujiFilm, but also under its own brand in its French factories.

echOpen factory develops and manufactures a low-cost ultra-portable tri-frequency ultrasound imaging probe, connected to any smartphone or tablet and dedicated to diagnostic orientation.

Sonoscanner – French manufacturer of ultrasound scanners acclaimed by Emergencies, Radiologists and Medical Specialists for their performance and image quality. This year, Sonoscanner will be present at the Village des Ultrasons to present the Ondina, its new hybrid ultrasound scanner, IA Ready, a concentrate of the latest innovations made in France.

Stephanix – French manufacturer of remote-controlled tables, Stephanix specializes in the field of medical imaging and is present in more than 100 countries. Stephanix has a full line of high-end medical imaging equipment. Its French know-how is recognized worldwide and certified “Origine France Garantie” for its D²RS remote-controlled tables.

Thiebaud surgical – French manufacturer of innovative medical devices dedicated to interventional radiology. Thiebaud develops MDs intended for minimally invasive surgery, in particular cementoplasty and vertebroplasty.

Start-ups and large pioneering groups in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Ai Screenings – offers a diagnostic support solution and patient follow-up in diseases of the retina and skin: diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and AMD as well as support for the diagnosis of melanoma.

Avicenna.AI offers artificial intelligence solutions for radiology. They bring together radiology experts and software engineers to optimize the workload of healthcare professionals through the development of high-performance AI tools.

AZmed – first French company to obtain CE marking for AI software in radiology. Its ambition is to optimize the workflow of doctors to improve their performance and the quality of care.

Gleamer – Editor of BoneView, an AI that semi-automates the reading of traumatic X-rays.

Guerbet – ETI, manufacturer of contrast products, medical devices and digital solutions for diagnostic imaging and interventional imaging. But also a pioneer in diagnostic support solutions based on artificial intelligence, and more particularly in diagnostic support for liver cancer.

Hera-MI – Publisher of Breast-SlimView, patented mammography and tomosynthesis decision support software based on AI. Their solution is CE certified and will be FDA certified by the end of 2021.

Incepto is a supplier and co-creator of artificial intelligence solutions in the field of medical imaging accessible via a single and integrated platform.

Milvue – Artificial Intelligence at the service of radiology and emergencies. CE 2A certified solution in traumatology and thorax.

The French Medtech innovantors

Intrasense develops and markets a unique medical device, Myrian®, a software platform facilitating and securing diagnosis, decision-making and therapeutic monitoring. Thanks to Myrian®, more than 1,000 healthcare establishments in 40 countries benefit from a single, integrated platform for reading all types of images (MRI, scanner, etc.). Enriched with expert clinical applications embedding artificial intelligence for specific pathologies, Myrian® offers a universal image processing solution that can be integrated into all health information systems.

Medecom – Developed software solutions for radiology and mammography for 20 years. Present in more than 40 countries, their mission is “to contribute to the international reputation of French companies working in medical imaging”.

The training and radiation protection experts

C2i – santé – Trusted partner for the regulatory compliance of your healthcare establishment and your risk management.

EchoFirst is an official clinical ultrasound training organization for healthcare professionals.

Esprimed – Solutions to improve image quality, radiation protection of professionals and patients, and training in the imaging challenges of tomorrow.

Invivox – Reference platform for online continuing medical education. Created by and for health professionals, Invivox allows health actors to exchange and share their experience constantly.

Medical Professionals – Continuing education specialist in medical imaging.

MediTest – Dedicated for more than 35 years to the quality control of technical platforms in Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, Radiotherapy and Research, Meditest offers the MEDIX LAB: the first French secondary metrology laboratory for low-energy X-ray calibration, under the aegis of the CEA-LNE-LNHB, national metrology laboratory for ionizing radiation.

MedSquare – Radiation protection through dose management and optimization. Medsquare supports healthcare professionals in the digitization, analysis and sharing of medical imaging data.

The specialists who support imaging actors

AMW Health / Europe Endoscope – offers a second life to MD repair and reconditioning medical equipment, with a specialty in flexible endoscopy.

STCF équipements – ​​specialist in the management of radioactive effluents, decay tanks dedicated to Nuclear Medicine departments. Radiation protection solutions and equipment.

Verso Healthcare – supports healthcare players in the financing, deployment, optimization, availability and securing of their technical platform, in France, Benelux, Italy, Spain and Switzerland.