Democratic Republic of Congo: Inovie joins forces with Cigna Healthcare, one of the world‘s leading insurers

Inovie joins Cigna Healthcare’s extensive network of healthcare providers, one of the leading international insurers.

It was the World Bank that requested the deployment of such a partnership, for which Cigna Healthcare chose Inovie. Its subsidiary Inovie Africa has joined a network of healthcare providers serving some twenty UN agencies, as well as UNICEF, the World Bank, companies in Africa, and covering the World Food Program (WFP). Cigna has over 74,000 employees and 170 million customers worldwide.

In Africa, Inovie expands international partnerships with leading insurers

Created in 2010, the Inovie Group is a key player in medical diagnostics, renowned for its expertise in medical biology and anatomic pathology. Its activities account for 20% of the private medical biology sector in mainland France and its overseas territories. Backed by strong international growth and the significant activities of Inovie Africa, the group has already deployed state-of-the-art laboratories in Morocco, Côte d’Ivoire, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Lebanon and Cameroon. Their global mission is to facilitate healthcare for all.

With a strong presence in Africa through their Inovie Africa foundation, they are committed to training biologists, creating new networks of biologists, promoting R&D and providing access to cutting-edge diagnostic services through their many proximity laboratories.

In September 2023, Inovie signed a partnership agreement with MUGEF-CI, the leading sub-Saharan mutual insurance company. Thanks to these collaborations, the company is consolidating its presence in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where it already offers many excellent medical services at its International Diagnostic Center, in Kinshasa.

Assurances internationales : Inovie en RDC