Peer-to-peer knowledge sharing at the heart of the partnership announced by the AP-HP Foundation and Invivox

Conferences provide opportunities for collaboration between healthcare players. For example, the Director of the AP-HP Foundation and the founder of Invivox met at a conference on surgical innovation organized by Prof. Eric Vibert in June 2023.

This exchange will give rise to a partnership project between Invivox and the AP-HP Foundation. On March 5, 2024, the parties announced the effective launch of this partnership, which aims to develop and facilitate knowledge sharing among healthcare professionals in hospitals.

Invivox is a training platform, bringing together a community of over 350,000 professionals, and exercising its French leadership in knowledge sharing for healthcare professionals. Invivox offers training courses, conferences, webinars, e-learning sessions, quizzes and clinical cases… both face-to-face and remote, each tailored to the needs of different types of healthcare professionals.

“Medical knowledge doubles every 73 days”

Professionals face a major challenge: while medical knowledge is doubling every 73 days (by 2020, according to a study by the American Clinical and Climatological Association), their free time is shrinking. This partnership is a response to this contradiction: it will give AP-HP’s 12,300 doctors and 53,000 other staff access to Invivox’s knowledge-sharing tools.

Julien Delpech, Invivox’s founder, explains
Valérie Rogé, general director of AP-HP Foundation, stresses

AP-HP intends to enrich this content and make it easier to share, thanks to its management resources and the many scientific contributions it has available, with an international reach.

These tools will be available to practitioners 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This partnership will enhance the value of knowledge within hospitals, while helping professionals around the world to regularly update their skills with practical, versatile content in French and other languages, as the Invivox platform is open to the whole world.