Alara Group

Protecting patients and healthcare professionals from radiation thanks to the synergy of physics, biology and digital technology


Alara Group is the first French actor in the management of risks associated to ionizing and non-ionizing radiation which brings together 4 companies: Alara Expertise, Fibermetrix, Spin Up and Neolys Diagnostics.

Our physics and biology expertises; patient and occupational safety, MRI expertises, dosimetry in-vivo and radiosensitivity; are dedicated to improving personalized medicine.

Through 16 patent families, our team presents world first solutions for the benefit of patients and caregivers: phantoms and software to evaluate spatial accuracy and 4DFlow MRI, dosimetry in-vivo for CT scan and CBCT in radiotherapy and 2 tests to predict patient’s radiosensitivity.


7 Allée de l'Europe 67960 Strasbourg Entzheim

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Featured products

Occupational safety

Radiation Protection Officer

Internal or external radiation protection officer: our experts advise you on the better organization to guarantee the safety of your workers

MR Safety Expert/Officer

MRI global safety support for healthcare facilities through for instance risks analysis and tailored occupational safety training

Patient's safety

Medical Physics

Our medical physics experts help healthcare facilities to monitor and to optimize the doses delivered to the patient (dosimetric studies, training, etc.)

IVIscan®, intelligent solution to manage ionizing risks for CT scanner

Improve your x-ray risk management at every stage of a CT scanner exam: smart interface and real-time measurement based on scintillating fiber

Quality Insurance

After an initial audit, our experts will help you set up a quality assurance process in medical imaging


Individual radiosensitivity tests

Our 2 biological tests allow us to predict individual radiosensitivity for a better patient’s care management in oncology for all types of cancers

Gamme CARTESIAN, Analysis of geometric distortions in MRI

Quantifying the distortions on MRI images thanks to a lightweight phantom, an automated analysis, and a software to correct DICOM RTstructs

IVIcbct™, THE solution to measure the CBCT dose delivered during radiotherapy

The scintillating fibers enable to measure for each patient on a daily clinical basis without any interference with the radiotherapy treatment beam