Bertin Medical Waste

Solutions for the on-site treatment of infectious healthcare waste


BERTIN MEDICAL WASTE, a brand of Bertin Technologies group, offers innovative solutions for the treatment of biomedical waste thanks to a patented 100% electric technology combining shredding and sterilization by microwaves in one single vessel. Sterilwave solutions allow its users – hospitals, healthcare centers, laboratories, and any other sector producing potentially infectious medical waste – efficient & reliable treatment and decontamination of medical waste through an ultra-compact solution.

With over 700 Sterilwave equipments installed in more than 60 countries worldwide (Europe, Americas, Asia, Middle East, Africa) we are considered one of the market leaders.

We are proud to have the trust of many prestigious customers such as the World Health Organisation and the United Nations who have recently recommended the treatment of biomedical waste within the healthcare facility.


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Featured products


Sterilwave 100

The Sterilwave 100 is particularly suited to medical facilities generating only small amounts of waste. This biomedical waste management system can treat up to 20kg of waste per hour*. Sterilwave 100 is ultra-compact …

Sterilwave 250

With a waste treatment capacity of 50 kg per hour, the Sterilwave 250 allows medium-sized institutions to treat their biomedical waste, guaranteeing safety and traceability at greatly reduced operating costs.

Sterilwave 440

The Sterilwave 440 is the ideal treatment solution for institutions producing a large quantity of biomedical waste, as it can treat 88kg/hour* with minimal operating costs.