A delegation of French Healthcare Association companies in Ukraine to support Ukraine’s healthcare system recovery

New visit from a delegation of French healthcare companies in Ukraine, on a mission aiming to participate in rebuilding the country’s healthcare system, from October 16 to 20.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine meant that the Ukrainian Ministry of Health had to rethink its current and future medical strategy. French Healthcare Association continues to showcase its commitment to this dynamic, as a privileged partner to rebuild and modernize the Ukrainian healthcare system. This cooperation implies numerous opportunities for French medical infrastructure companies, some of which have already been seized : installation and reconstruction of hospitals, supply of X-ray, mammography and ultrasound equipment, advice on European integration…

A mission to Ukraine in the presence of the French Embassy, ministerial representatives and member companies at French Healthcare Association

On October 27, France’s new Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador to Ukraine, Gaël Veyssière, met with Ukraine’s Minister of Finances Sergii Marchenko, in the presence of Julien Delpech, French Healthcare referent for Ukraine, and Jean-Baptiste Brasseur, Director of the Economic division of the French Embassy. The two intergovernmental agreements in the healthcare sector were discussed during this gathering.

The French delegation also had the pleasure to be received by the French Ambassador to his residence in the presence of other Ukrainian guests. Among these companies, Ellipse Projets , DMS Imaging, Invivox and Ginger International were able to showcase their expertise and offer relevant responses to the healthcare needs expressed by Ukrainian authorities.

The brand “French Healthcare” , supported by the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, mobilized its network and resources from the outset of the war to support Ukraine. This collective commitment is now being stepped up even further, after further work was already deployed since our participation in the December 2022 Health Round Table, which subsequently led to the signing of two MoUs between French Healthcare Association and the Ukrainian Ministry of Health, last June.

This new mission to Ukraine has consolidated the links already established with the Ukrainian authorities, and in particular with Health Minister Victor Liashko.

Several French Healthcare Association’s projects underway to support healthcare recovery in Ukraine

The highlights of this visit were the following :

  • The delegation of companies was received by the Ministry of Health, which informed them of its new requirements. French Healthcare communicates the Ministry’s needs to its members to enable French companies to position themselves.
  • Two proposals for intergovernmental agreements were sent by the embassy’s economic division, to the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Finance.
  • Teams from the Ministry and Ellipse Projects visited Borodyanka Hospital, to finalize the work plan for its reconstruction, scheduled since the signing of MoUs in June 2022. They were accompanied by the hospital’s management, in anticipation of the signing of the contract with the French hospital infrastructure company.
  • Launch of a series of podcasts, hosted by Marianne Lahana, which will soon showcase the activities of French Healthcare Association members in Ukraine through the various reconstruction projects underway.
  • Ginger International strengthens ties with its experts in Ukraine as part of a one-year contract with the European Union to improve the country’s pharmaceutical supply system and bring it into line with the European system.

« We want to support and respond to Ukraine’s medical imaging needs through major projects, focusing on mobility and the deployment of emergency solutions as close as possible to the areas where they are needed.»

DMS Imaging

The progress of the various French-Ukrainian cooperation projects is also made possible by the day-to-day activity of the French Embassy in Ukraine, the Ukraine Task Force led by Pierre Heilbronn, the French Treasury General Direction for project financing, teams from the Delegation for European and International Affairs, the Medef International, Expertise France and Business France.

These numerous prospects for imminent collaboration testify once again to the expertise of French Healthcare Association member companies, and even more so to their unflagging dedication to providing collective responses to Ukrainian needs, and thus offering everyone access to French excellence in healthcare.

Photography of French Ambassador, Mr. Gaël Veyssiere, Julien Delpech, and Mr. Jean-Baptise Vasseur, Head of Economy at the French Embassy.
French Ambassador, Mr. Gaël Veyssiere, Julien Delpech, and Mr. Jean-Baptise Vasseur, Head of Economy at the French Embassy.
Photography of the delegation at the Ministry of Health in Ukraine
The delegation at the Ministry of Health in Ukraine
Photograph of ukrainian and french guests at the ambassador's gathering
Ukrainian and French guests at the ambassador’s gathering

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