Air Liquide Medical Systems

Specialist in medical devices for the management of respiratory failure, in hospitals and at home.


Subsidiary of Air Liquide Healthcare, Air Liquide Medical Systems offers innovative medical solutions and devices for patients treated in hospital and at home.

We engage for people who strive for life, by inventing the easiest to use devices and transforming the standards of care. We engage to offer a better quality of life to patients.

Air Liquide Medical Systems offers a wide range of solutions in three areas:

- ventilators and patient interfaces for home, emergency, hospital
- devices and equipment for medical gas distribution
- aerosoltherapy


6 Rue Georges Besse - Parc de Haute Technologie - 92182 Antony Cedex - France

+33 1 40 96 66 00

[email protected]

Featured products


Monnal™ TEO, ICU ventilator

Easy-to-use ICU ventilator allowing healthcare professionals to make decisions quickly and precisely.

Classe IIb – CE0459

Monnal™ T60 Advanced, mobile ICU ventilator

Mobile ventilator designed to provide invasive or non-invasive ventilatory support to all patients from 3kg. Classe IIb – CE0459

EO-150, life-support ventilator

EO-150 is a life-support ventilator for patients weighing 3,5 kg and above, with versatile modes like C-FLOW (continuous flow mode) and MPV (mouthpiece ventilation)

NIV masks

Alnest™ N1 Silent

Minimalist nasal mask designed to provide maximal comfort, stability and ease of use. The landmarks and the silent leak allow an optimal therapeutic experience.

Alnest™ MC1

Light and intuitive minimal contact nasal mask. With its 42 grams and compact design, it was designed for patients needing comfort and simplicity.

Respireo™ SOFT Baby

Pediatric masks designed to provide child-friendly ventilation throughout a child’s growth while ensuring optimal comfort.

Medical Gas Devices

Danube™ high pressure gas station

High pressure gas station designed for medical gas distribution with automatic switch-over system to provide a continuous supply to medical gas networks from cylinders or bundles of cylinders.

Vigi™ alarm system

Monitors the whole network and indicates any error via audible, luminous, and visual signals. It provides the security of 3, 5 or 7 channels at the same time.

NF terminal unit

The BM gas terminal, designed to meet the French NF standard, is used to make quick connections to the medical gas network.