Marianne Lahana launches four episodes of Centaure Santé, in a special series on healthcare reconstruction in Ukraine

Health and innovation lawyer Marianne Lahana announces a special series of her program, Centaure Santé, dedicated to the theme of rebuilding the Ukrainian healthcare system. In order to provide food for thought, this program – directed and hosted by Marianne Lahana – gives the floor to experts from the healthcare sector, be they politicians, healthcare professionals or users.

As part of the mission in Ukraine of a French Healthcare Association business delegation, the health and innovation lawyer Marianne Lahana has devoted a special series to the theme of rebuilding the Ukrainian healthcare system, damaged by the conflict with Russia.

This special edition will be made up of four episodes, dealing with different aspects of French-Ukrainian cooperation on the subjects of reconstruction, resilience and modernization of the country’s healthcare system.

Marianne Lahana will invite a number of guests to identify the actions implemented locally in Ukraine, and give a voice to the players who make them possible.

A first episode of the program on Ukrainian healthcare reconstruction with Ellipse Projects

The first episode will be released on November 15, and will focus on the assistance provided by Ellipse Projects, a member of French Healthcare Association, to healthcare reconstruction in Ukraine. Indeed, the hospital infrastructure company had signed a MoU with the Ministry in June, to help rebuild a number of hospitals that were destroyed during the war.

Marianne Lahana, Ellipse Projects and the company’s representatives visited the site of the new Borodyanka modular hospital. On this occasion, Marianne Lahana spoke with Ellipse Projects sales manager Frank Simonet and the director of the new hospital, whose views she will present in the first episode on November 15.

This special series will be broadcast, as usual, on the Centaure Santé show page via the Invivox platform, a partner of this program. To be alerted of its release and to listen to it, go here.

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