To mark the latest episode of Centaure Santé on cooperation between the French Healthcare Association and Ukraine, take a look back at the actions completed in 2023.

Discover a retrospective of the year 2023 for French Healthcare Association’s cooperation with Ukraine, on the occasion of the release of the latest special edition of the Centaure Santé program on health reconstruction in Ukraine. This episode concludes a year dedicated to making commitments a reality.

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the member companies and healthcare establishments at French Healthcare Association have deployed resources to help rebuild the country’s healthcare system. With 1,600 establishments damaged by Russian attacks, rebuilding Ukrainian healthcare system has become crucial for the country. French manufacturers, already strong exporters, are key partners of Ukraine. All the more so as Ukraine has demonstrated its willingness to integrate its healthcare system into the European model.

French Healthcare Association’s methodology to complete assistance to Ukraine

Julien Delpech, founder and CEO of Invivox, regularly travels to Ukraine on behalf of French Healthcare Association, gathering information on the needs of local decision-makers, building and maintaining links with the authorities to present the solutions that French manufacturers can offer to meet their needs.

In order to support companies willing to position themselves in Ukraine, and to assist them with the essential issues they need to do so, French Healthcare Association has opted for a collective strategy, acting as a proxy for its members to put them in touch with decision-makers. In terms of modus operandi, French Healthcare Association gathers the needs of the Ministry, and proposes to its 300 members a first level of specifications sheet, distributed to the network. All this is done in a climate of trust built up over the months with key contacts: health reconstruction managers, chambers of commerce, ambassadors, army medical officers, ministers, the Olena Zelenska Foundation, etc.

New special episode of Centaure Santé with Ukraine’s First Deputy Minister of Health

Last October, a new delegation of French Healthcare Association member companies, led by Julien Delpech, met teams from the Ukrainian Ministry of Health and the French Embassy in Ukraine.

The delegation was also accompanied by Marianne Lahana, founder and host of the Centaure Santé program. The health lawyer chose to give a voice to those involved in Ukrainian health reconstruction in four special episodes on the subject.

December 6 saw the release of the final episode in this special series, featuring an interview with Ukraine’s First Deputy Minister of Health Serhiy Dubrov. The aim of this interview was to highlight the current priorities and needs of the Ministry of Health and its expectations of the European Union.

This episode marks the end of this special podcast, but also of 2023, a year of many achievements for cooperation between representatives of the French healthcare ecosystem and Ukrainian health authorities.

Retrospective of commitments consolidated in 2023 by French Healthcare Association

The collective’s strategy has already proven its efficiency, enabling several companies to win tenders for the delivery of cutting-edge equipment, the deployment of rehabilitation centers, modular hospitals, etc… At the same time, the links between the association and the Ukrainian authorities have been strengthened through visits and meetings.

Janvier 2023

Photographie de la délégation french healthcare association en Ukraine en janvier 2023.

After the healthcare round table organized by French Healthcare Association during the bilateral conference for the resilience and reconstruction of Ukraine, in December 2022, French healthcare Association’s offer to Ukraine has made good on its promises with new actions.

Avril 2023

Photographie de la délégation french healthcare association en Ukraine en avril 2023.

Johanna Lerfel, French Healthcare Association’s General Delegate, accompanied by François Braun, Minister of Health, visited Ukraine to sign a declaration of intent between France and Ukraine with Viktor Liashko. The visit, supported by the delegation for international and European affairs, also included a visit to the new Superhumans and Unbroken rehabilitation centers for war victims.

Juin 2023

Photographie de la délégation french healthcare association en Ukraine en juin 2023.

French Healthcare Association announces the signing of two Memoranda of Understanding (M.o.U), regarding the deployment of ten modular hospitals across Ukraine, and the installation of some thirty mammography machines to modernize breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Septembre 2023

Photographie d'un responsable sanitaire ukrainien sur scène lors du french healthcare innovation & business forum en septembre 2023.

French Healthcare Association invited a delegation of buyers from the Ukrainian Ministry of Health to the French Healthcare Innovation & Business Forum. The delegation had the opportunity to present the Ukrainian market on stage to the big names in French healthcare industry and hospitals.

Octobre 2023

Photographie de la délégation french healthcare association en Ukraine en Octobre 2023.

French Healthcare Association business delegation visited Ukraine. The visit with DMS Imaging, Ellipse Projects and Ginger International resulted in two new intergovernmental agreement proposals, the finalization of the work plan for the new Borodyanka hospital, and the launch of the Centaure Santé podcast series by Marianne Lahana. Ginger International also signed a one-year contract to help improve the pharmaceutical supply system in Ukraine and bring it into line with the European system.

Décembre 2023

French Healthcare Association organized a webinar entitled “Ukraine: Perspectives 2024 – Current situation, opportunities and ongoing issues”.

This webinar presented the Unbroken rehabilitation center project, modular hospitals being installed by Ellipse Projects, and provided an update on cooperation to date, as well as insurance and certification issues. The webinar also provided French Healthcare Association members with the information they need to develop their business in the Ukrainian market.

Resources on cooperation between French Healthcare Association and Ukraine in 2023

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