In 2024, Avatar Medical continues to improve global access to 3D imaging

Specializing in 3D medical imaging, Avatar Médical create patient avatars, particularly in virtual reality. These virtual twins help visualize a patient’s anatomy and pathologies in real time. In 2024, Avatar Médical is launching a new, innovative extended reality solution, dedicated to improving surgical consultation and communication between professional and patient.

Avatar Medical transforms medical images into patient-specific “avatars” in a matter of seconds. These 3D or extended reality (XR) renderings redefine the surgical consultation and simplify surgical planning. It is also an extremely innovative training tool for young doctors, increasingly used in American and European academic centers of excellence. The start-up has already won a number of prestigious awards, enabling it to improve its technologies and market them internationally. The solution, adaptable to different clinical specialties, is the result of a spin-off between the Institut Pasteur and the Institut Curie (member of French Healthcare Association).

Avatar Medical’s global mission: to democratize its 3D avatars, for the benefit of both surgeons and patients

In 2024, Avatar Medical will launch an innovative new virtual reality solution for improved surgical consultation and communication between the practitioner and the patient. Using 3D imagery allows to present pathologies and proposed surgical paths to patients more accurately, so that they can make informed decisions. Above all, it avoids procedures that are sometimes unnecessarily invasive.

This solution reflects the startup’s vocation to democratize access to 3D images, not only for professionals but also for patients, who usually have access to images of poorer quality, in black and white, and which are above all less evocative for them. Avatar Medical advocates for the empowerment of all surgical stakeholders, with the patient at the forefront, so that they can understand the different treatment options and make an informed choice. A number of studies have shown the positive impact of 3D modeling on patients, with less anxiety, improved satisfaction and greater acceptance of surgery.

Avatar Medical’s imaging technologies already used internationally

The use of technologies as advanced as 3D avatars remains low worldwide: Avatar Medical explains this by the lack of accessibility to cutting-edge imaging, and has made accessibility its mission since 2020.

The United States is at the forefront of democratization, especially after Avatar Medical received FDA clearance , enabling it to market its solution overseas, in June 2023. Numerous collaborations have been initiated with major American academic centers such as Rush University, Stanford, Cleveland Clinic and CUNY in New York, all of which are already using AvatarMedical solutions.

The company has also just raised 5 million euros, on February 19. The project is not only backed by several major American investors, but is also unprecedentedly supported by fifteen surgeons and radiologists.

This round of funding will enable Avatar Medical to invest in its development in the United States and Europe, as well as in accelerating the migration of its solution to the cloud (Avatar Cloud). The startup had already been a winner of the EIC accelerator, enabling it to speed up its growth. These revolutionary technologies will simplify surgical procedures for professionals and patients alike. The company is now awaiting its CE mark, scheduled for 2024, to extend this expertise across Europe.