Toutenkamion Group

Designer of mobile medical solutions made in France, Toutenkamion Group is the key player in your sustainable and innovative health mobility projects.


Toutenkamion Group designs, manufactures and markets mobile medical units in more than 40 countries including Europe, Middle East and Africa.

With many years of experience and as a European leader, the company develops custom-made mobile solutions on trucks, trailers or shelters.

These mobile units enable healthcare professionals to reach isolated populations, reduce health inequalities and improve their efficiency.

Toutenkamion Group offers a wide range of mobile clinics in fields as varied as radiography, mammography, ultrasound, scanner, biology and virology, dentistry, ophthalmology, blood donation, but also innovative E-health solutions.

Our Made in France know-how is recognized worldwide for our mobile medical units that we design, develop and manufacture in our factory of Ladon.


901 rue du Lieutenant Thomasset - 45270 Ladon FRANCE

+33 (0)2 38 95 50 59

[email protected]

Featured products


CT Scan trailer

This mobile CT Scan unit allows the most demanding professionals to perform their imaging examinations in an ergonomic and comfortable working environment.

Mammography truck

Equipped with a reception, a leaded mammography room and an ultrasound room, this mobile unit is the perfect solution for cancer screening in women.

X-ray truck

This mobile, compact, autonomous X-ray solution, with a laboratory, enables the detection of tuberculosis in populations far from urban centers.


Clinic light truck

A simple driving license allows you to drive this ultra-compact clinic, which is perfectly adapted to travel in the city and to receive patients in a pleasant environment.

Dental truck

As a real dental office on wheels, this mobile unit adapted to difficult terrain includes a complete dental chair treatment, a reception and a leaded panoramic X-ray room.

Ophthalmology truck

Here is a complete mobile ophthalmology solution that will allow the most demanding professionals to practice their specialty in the best conditions.



This TK-SMILE configured as a mini biology laboratory is ideal for blood sampling, analysis or vaccination.


As a real all-in-one tool, this light vehicle is autonomous thanks to its solar panels and can be reconfigured in a few minutes according to the medical specialty practiced.


Configured as a medical office, this TK-SMILE offers doctors an ergonomic and comfortable workspace for consultations and medical-social interviews.