French Healthcare Association gathers French radiology ecosystem in Chicago for its not to be missed annual meeting

French Healthcare Association companies gathered for the association’s pre-RSNA networking evening on November 25. Renowned guests were also present at this now unmissable event for french radiology.

In conjunction with the 2023 edition of the famous RSNA event, member companies Guerbet, Medecom, Sonoscanner, Thales, Stephanix, Pixyl, Milvue, Incepto, Avatar Medical, Medsquare, Alara Medical et DMS Imaging, took part in French Healthcare Association’s networking evening at Chicago’s Intercontinental Hotel on November 25. This major global imaging event gave these manufacturers the opportunity to present their latest innovations and projects to delegations from the CNEH (National Center of Hospitals Expertise), the AFIB (French Association of Biomedical Engineers), the SFR (French Society of Radiology) the Uniha (a cooperative of French hospital buyers), Ugap Santé (a central purchasing office) and the RESAH (Network of Hospital Buyers), taking the trip to the United States for the occasion.

A French radiology ecosystem united around major medical imaging topics

The evening brought together a number of experts from the French medical imaging sector, including representatives from purchasing groups, industrial groups and hospital management, to prepare for their participation in the major American trade show. Above all, the evening provided an opportunity for a wide range of collective discussions and debates on radiology and its future.

France is a window market, and our radiology ecosystem is, and has to be, high-performance. French companies must excel in order to be resilient on their national market, and be able to shine on export !

Samuel Sancerni – JT de la Radiologie

Round-table discussions were held on a number of trending topics, including the sovereignty of public purchasing, the integration of Artificial Intelligence in hospitals, and the hospital purchasing process. The meeting also featured pitch sessions presenting solutions from Pixyl, Avatar Medical, Medsquare and Alara, a networking cocktail reception and a meeting with SFR executives.

A special issue dedicated to this French Healthcare Association’s evening has since been presented by the JT de la Radiologie (Radiology News), which gave the floor to some of these prestigious medical imaging players. French Healthcare Association warmly thanks the JT de la Radiologie for highlighting the event, and Jean-Claude Durousseaud for his professional hosting, once again for this edition.

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