Covid-19: our digital responses

To better manage the covid-19 crisis, French digital players are providing concrete and operational solutions, and some are offering their services at the moment.

Publicizing the initiatives of French Healthcare Association members in digital health is the objective of this specific newsletter.

Telemedicine, training of health professionals, support for establishments and professionals, quality of life for patients and residents: areas in which our members are fully mobilized!

Telemedecine :

H4D’s Consult Station® on the front-line against the spread of Covid-19

DigiMED Assistant, France Surgery platform for remote medical assistance

Cancers and COVID-19: digital initiatives of the French Cancer Centers

Integrated telemedicine offer for remote care of people with cancer

How Rofim, a French telemedicine start-up, managed to respond in 5 days to the request of many caregivers…

Chronic Care Connect: remote monitoring of patients at home

Teleconsultation: a site to inform healthcare professionals

The “Melody” telemedicine tele-ultrasound system


Training :

COVID-19: free webinars to share your expertise between healthcare professionals

Covid-19: voluntary support for health managers


Support for establishments and professionals :

Covid-19: recruitment platform free for hospitals

Artificial intelligence dedicated to emergency radiography


Quality of life for patients and residents :

COVID-19 I play, I protect: a fun digital game

HOPPEN – Time to Care Launched & Implemented a Visiophony Solution “MyHoppenVisio”

Facing Covid-19: video, video tracking, remote monitoring a database of patient testimonies in the service of health memory