100 french healthcare companies for COVID-19 epidemic et patient management

French Healthcare Association introduces a list of 100 French companies with proven health solutions that can be implemented in the management of the COVID-19 epidemic, the management of patients and solutions sustaining the re-opening of lock-downs to come.

Objective : building a global vision of the French response that can be mobilized in France and abroad.

From tests and vacines to medical furniture and waste management, from air treatment and surface decontamination to teleconsulation … the french healthcare companies are united under the French Healthcare trademarck to bring all the necessary solution for this sanitary crisis management, and even further!

This list is ment to be enriched. If you are a french company selling healthcare devices or medicine, please feel free to send us your contribution : [email protected]

Vaccine and treatment (under development)
Diagnostic tests / research
Medical devices
Masks/personal protective equipment / thermal cameras
Medical imaging
Sterilization / disinfection / biodecontamination, hydroalcoholic solutions
Hospital waste management
Hospital air treatment / disinfection
Room and insulation equipment
Remote patients monitoring / teleconsultation
Professional apps
Transport / repatriation of patients
Medical furniture
Modular premises, mobile units
Hospital human resources / training

You can also download the latest updated list in pdf version here